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My Approach

We will meet for a consultation to open into an intentional space and explore the potential of the design and deeper meaning; finding clarity on what we are honouring and manifesting through this passage. I have two methods of ceremonial tattooing (custom designs and available designs), which you can find the details of below.

Through my Custom process, you can come in with a concept and we will collaborate to create a design that we both agree will make a beautiful and long lasting tattoo. This artistic process is typically slower, as I make significant effort to design something unique and special for you. I work in the realms of sacred geometry and nature.

The Available Design process can be quicker as you would be selecting pre-drawn artwork that I have drawn ceremonially and is available to those who feel called to any particular piece. This artwork can be seen here.

Through both Custom and Available Designs, I offer a holistic experience intending to support your self-expression. Each journey is incredibly unique and fine-tuned to each person and each tattoo. There are certain rituals that are consistent in my practice due to their reverence and potency. I will share more about these offerings during our consultation. I work in a private tattoo studio which allows a safe container for the journey to unfold as it needs to.

The intentions that you set will guide our journey. It may be a celebration, a declaration, illuminated and powerful. It may be intense, and challenging, potentially working through imprints of patterns, unresolved experience, trauma; these energies often surfaces through this type of energy work. I may use other tools and modalities of energy medicine to support you and your intentions. I do my absolute best to maintain integrity in my work and provide a space for you to feel safe, validated and empowered, so that you may open to the fullness of your humanity and divine purpose.


Together, we weave a beautiful tapestry of intention and prayer that empower you in the process and far beyond as you carry this symbolic art throughout your life. With all of this shared, it is best to let go of the expectations of how our journey may unfold, for there is no knowing what may happen through our collaboration together. I do invite it to be absolutely beautiful and trust entirely in what you are calling into creation.


If you are looking to book a tattoo with me, I have two unique methods: 


 For anyone looking for a beautiful design that is drawn and currently available.

For anyone seeking a personal vision or concept drawn custom for you.

To apply for a tattoo journey, please find the appropriate applications here.

For any other inquires, feel free to connect by emailing me at jacquelinadivina@gmail.com

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